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I am M V Palsutkar, NISM Certified Investment Solutions Provider and Co-Founder of VIN INVEST.

Back in 2005, when I started this company, I had one and only
vision – “Creating Wealthy Investors” but after 13 years of my Practice with more than 700 Happy Clients, I came to know People didn’t want to become Rich but also they want to become Happy Rich.

Our objective is to secure your financial future through financial planning. We genuinely want to help the people in our country to grow financially healthy. We know how to explain complex personal financial terms in simple layman language. Our commitment is to give due attention to your portfolio & we will be working in your best interest.

We are leading financial services provider laying emphasis on delivering tailor- made solutions in the areas of Wealth Management.

Mission / Vision :“We are on a mission to educate people about Personal Financial Literacy & transform their lives with our Scientific Money Management Process"

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